Frames as expertly engineered and handcrafted as our lenses.
TAVAT Eyewear utilizes advanced materials with superior properties to create perfectly functional frames that are light and comfortable. Such materials include surgical stainless steel, acetate and Grilamid TR-90, ensuring durability and a sophisticated aesthetic, while advanced engineering and superb hand-craftsmanship, guarantee lasting comfort and a superior fit.

frame features

frame materials

frame features


TAVAT believes that there is somewhat of a creative combustion that occurs when you place top-of-their game designers, master craftsmen, and expert manufacturers together. Ideas and intent collide and fuse, and something new and wonderful can take form. That something wonderful is the engineering behind the Tactile hinge.
TAVAT is taking the greatest eyewear-making traditions to more stylish and sophisticated heights and is pioneering a new take on “traditional eyewear.”

The Tactile hinge is an icon of timeless elegance: simple, functional, iconic, and as the name suggests: perceivable to the touch. Just like a fine Italian wine, this hinge improves with age.

How does it work?

Hidden inside the main body of TAVAT’s Tactile hinge is a spring and piston. The spring pushes the piston forwards which interacts with the teeth of the gear which creates the unique sound you hear and gives the signature feel when you open and close our frame. Over time, the teeth of the gear smooths giving a more fluid feel. This hinge has been tested for 30,000 opening and closing operations, equivalent to 8 years continuous use, and still maintains performance

External Cam (Ex-Cam)

TAVAT’s Signature Ex-Cam Hinge guarantees a high-tech mechanical precision, from opening to closing there is a fluid motion, accompanied by a burst of energy that gives the whole a feeling of precision and quality. Thanks to this innovation, TAVAT was nominated for the Silmo d’Or award in Paris, on October 2010.

How does it work?

All of this is allowed due to the study of a sliding cam, it’s relationship to the double wires connected by the barrel and the insertion of a spring hidden inside the hinge working in compression over time.
This precise engineering, favours the temple to open and close with a typical “click” sounding movement, which gives a high-quality and technical print to the whole frame.


The Soup Can hinge looks very simple but it is in fact a high precision, fully tested hinge.
We have a spacer, which acts as the stop for the temple opening, but also a gauge controlling the minimum closing of the top and bottom parts of the frame.

The Screw and Crown assembly are made by a Swiss Screw manufacturer and are made to the highest tolerance and precision. The assembly acts as a Maximum Gauge. Hence the hinge mechanism is controlled by a Minimum and Maximum tolerance of +0.00 and - 0.02 millimeters. The Screw and Crown assembly is the same as used on most, if not all hinge assemblies made by European factories, and our testing results in a very successful construction.

How does it work?

Forget the traditional methods of manufacturing: TAVAT completely bypassed all of those norms and standards and sought out the true eyewear artisans to bring something revolutionary. Each SoupCan frame is manufactured almost entirely by “coining” Alpacca and “dying” components, then completely assembled and finished by hand.

frame materials


Italy is the birthplace of eyewear. TAVAT Eyewear is proud to be manufactured in Italy by expert artisans, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional methods of manufacturing.
Mazzuchelli® Cellulose Acetate originates from cotton fibers, which gives eyewear a warm and natural hand-feel. Derived from renewable resources, acetate is non-petroleum based and hypoallergenic. Each frame is carved out of richly coloured blocks of acetate.
Once assembled, it is tumbled with beach and birch wood to soften the edges. The final step is an extensive hand polishing that results in frames with deep colours and textures that cannot be duplicated with other manufacturing methods.

Nylon (Grilamid TR-90)

Grilamid TR-90 is a high quality thermoplastic material characterized by an extremely high bending strength with a remarkably high break resistance. Its features include being shock resistant, exceptionally lightweight, flexible, and non-allergic. It is used in our advanced sunglasses because of its stability, durability and keeps its shape even under stress.
This material won’t oxidize over time or flake, nor will the frame warp when left on a hot dashboard. TAVAT recommends cold-mounting to protect the varnish.


All of TAVAT Metal frames are made from Surgical Stainless Steel. Qualities of stainless steel frames include light weight, low toxicity and strength; many stainless steel frames also are nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is highly lustrous, and makes a good thin and sturdy frame with strong corrosion resistance.