TAVAT unveils its timeless, tasteful collection: Tactile.

TAVAT continues to combine aesthetic, refinement with functional elements.

TAVAT’s Tactile is an icon of timeless elegance and TAVAT focuses on Italian elegance to tell their story.



Luxury with a Response


The beautiful lake region of Northern Italy has inspired this collection. The natural and architectural beauty of the region offers classic images of Italy: balconies over blue water, sleepy cobblestone villages and stone cottages, secluded gardens and exotic flora. Dramatic scenery and breath-taking surroundings makes this not only a popular destination but also inspiring personal discovery and reflection. Tactile reflects these unique qualities and is exclusively intended for those who appreciate such emotion. Tactile’s color palette is inspired by textures and hues found in nature and each name recalls a popular village located around the lakes.

Italy, “La Bella Vita,” is about quality of life, enjoyment, indulgence, exploration, and one’s response to the simple, and natural beauty found in everything. Tactile offers luxurious eyewear characterized by minimal design, magnificent beauty, and most importantly, originality. TAVAT speaks to those who love living life to the full, appreciate quality in products used everyday, knowing that it’s beauty and fascination are not short-lived and will endure for years to come.

tactile design

Professor Norman Schureman, of the Art Center College of Design, truly leaves a legacy as TAVAT reveals an innovative masterpiece.

The Tactile hinge embodies Norman’s design sense: minimal and functional, iconic in design, perceivable to the touch, and improves with age just like a fine Italian wine.

TAVAT is taking the greatest eyewear-making traditions to more stylish and sophisticated heights. Tactile is evolutionary, refined and elegant.

Luxury With a Response

What is luxury today?.

The Tactile Collection was founded on improving upon the generic and repetitive. With the development of the original hinge by our designer Norman Schureman, our Tactile Hinge gives our frames a uniqueness found nowhere else experienced in eyewear. As the word suggests, “tactile” means perceivable to the touch, thus beckoning for an interaction of the senses, giving each frame a voice of its own, adding to their personality and individuality.

We compare our Tactile hinge to the engines of supercars. Every engine has a unique sound defining the car as well as the heart of the brand. Our Tactile hinge is no different… due to its individual sound and feeling from the clicks of one Tactile frame to that of the next. Having this extra sensory relation to the frame is what sets us apart from the competition, and ultimately leaves TAVAT with a timeless imprint within our industry.


tactile / mod. Cisano

code TT401

tactile / mod. Bardolino

code TT404

tactile / mod. Meina

code TT412

tactile / mod. Salo

code TT417

tactile / mod. Colà

code TT421

tactile / mod. Oro

code TT422

tactile / mod. Vertigo

code TT501

tactile / mod. Rivamare

code TT502

tactile / mod. Lugana

code TT503

tactile / mod. Sogno

code TT504

tactile / mod. Mirabella

code TT505

tactile / mod. Lanzo

code TT506

tactile / mod. Brione

code TT507

tactile / mod. Perseo

code TT508

tactile / mod. Vezzo

code TT509

tactile / mod. Puria

code TT511